This video is about an explosive topic because International independent science is putting pressure on Switzerland. This is in relation to the illegal licensing practice in Switzerland of adaptive antennas (5G) and mobile phone radiation as a whole.

A letter dated January 7, 2019 was released by Dr. Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Professor and oncologist and epidemiologist from the University of Örebro Sweden and one of the most renowned cancer specialists for the assessment of cellular radiation on health with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Hardell clearly shows in the 14 page letter with 38 references, that the Head of BERENIS, an advice center of the Swiss Confederation for "electromagnetic fields and non-ionizing radiation", and member of the controversial association, the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation, commonly known as the ICNIRP, Dr. Professor Martin Röösli, has serious conflicts of interest. He unilaterally selects scientific studies, ignores study results, and in this way, has misinformed the responsible federal authorities to try to prove the harmlessness of mobile phone radiation. 

Many of the studies selected or self-directed by Röösli, were directly funded by the FSM Foundation, of which Martin Röösli was a member until recently, namely the Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication, or “FSM.”  SWISSCOM, SALT, SUNRRISE and the energy group SWISSGRID can be found on the FSM website as founders and sponsors. Dr. Prof. Martin Röösli, employer of the Swiss Tropic Health Institute is also financed by SWISSCOM, the largest Swiss telecom and mobile operator, where the Swiss Confederation holds 51% of the shares and with that the control over Swisscom. The writing of Dr. Lennart Hardell has been supported by another 22 highly regarded scientists.

The original English letter from Lennart Hardell is linked on the website https://www.orwell-news.ch/internationale-wissenschaft-entlarvt-professor-martin-roeoesli along with a certified true copy of the German translation.

The letter from Professor Lennart Hardell and colleagues was initiated and coordinated by the Swiss Program Manager, Musician, Activist Reza Ganjavi. The translations was paid for by Berneseentrepreneur and 5G activist Christian Oesch.

Mr. Röösli has a very high position as Director of the Federal Advisory Service, BERENIS, and has now become more questionable than ever through the letter from Lennart Hardell.

It is important to note, that Mr. Röösli has no degree in medicine, biology or physics and therefore does not have the necessary qualifications to assess and or give advice over health risks from mobile phone radiation.

Prof. Martin Röösli is also a member of the ICNIRP, which was founded by the mobile phone industry and the United States military as a private association, where new members can only be selected by existing ones.

The ICNIRP also advises the world health organization, WHO, and is responsible worldwide for setting the electromagnetic fields and non-ionizing radiation limit values ​​all over the world. According to Hardell, it must be assumed that the WHO will also receive incorrect and bias advice.

Martin Röösli's conflict of interest is not declared anywhere, neither by himself nor by the federal government or the media, with the exception of the WOZ, an independent Swiss newspaper. This is a scandal, as Mr. Röösli, as director of BERENIS, is responsible for the opinion formation of all federal offices and thus all of Switzerland. This scandal is now being corrected by independent science, because even the toughest ignoramus cannot avoid such a high pressure.

Lennart Hardell directs recommendations directly to the country of Switzerland, that Mr. Martin Röösli should be released from his duties as a scientist who is not objective and has substantial conflicts of interest.

Switzerland should enact a moratorium or suspension on adaptive antennas (5G) until the independent, qualified science can classify this technology to be safe for health.

A State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation education campaign is to be set up so that the population can be truthfully informed about the health risks and the safe use of mobile technology. This was confirmed in 2011 by the European Council and the EMF Scientist Appeal Group with the support of 250 international scientists.

As already mentioned the letter was sent to the responsible Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga of DETEC , the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications) and all other federal, state and state councils as well as all directors of the responsible federal offices, so that nobody can say that he or she did not know about this.

I have also commissioned a criminal law report, which would be the next step against the responsible members of the authorities, in particular against the responsible directors of the federal and cantonal offices. This report shows that each time an adaptive antenna (5G) is approved, it violates 22 laws from overarching international treaties (European Human Rights Denomination, Nuremberg Code etc.) as well as constitutional and federal laws here in Switzerland. According to this report, the responsible parties have made themselves punishable under the eighteenth title of the Swiss Criminal Code  “Offenses against professional and official duties”. The criminal law provides for up to 5 years' imprisonment for these offenses. If the responsible officials do not come to the inspection on their own, then we find that criminal charges shall become filed with the Federal Criminal Police.

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download original letter dr.med. lennart hardell